Quality Assurance

At Hara Design we give a lot of time and emphasis to ensure good quality clothing.


  1. All organic cotton is Certified by GOTS including the dyeing process
  2. Use of Tex-n-Lab, S.G.S, MTL & ITS etc
  3. Experienced Quality Controllers at all levels i.e. (a) Pre stitching, (b) Stitching, (c) Post stitching during finishing and packing.
  4. In house training programs as well as training


  1. We feel that Garment export business is entering into a critical phase more so with the country’s exports being exposed to new competition coming from even not so developed economics. Modernization has to be effected through import of new production machinery & bringing about a positive change in the work attitude.
  2. We have employed professionally trained motivated individuals to ensure that the products produced are of standardized quality.
  3. Experienced quality controllers are present at various points working independently and giving advice.
  4. Internal Inspections are constantly carried out at various stages from ordering of raw material, approvals, extending right up to packing of final product.


  1. Having in-house testing laboratory to check production at various stages & submit MIS reports.
  2. Having regular in-house training programs to update the technical experience of our key production personnel.
  3. Further exposing our key cadre to new designs, developments etc by making them participate in various garments fairs .
  4. Installed State of Art Technology in Stitching Machines for quality finishing.


  1. Contract with Foreign Designers to visit & prepare range.
  2. R & D Dep’t. To develop new designs.
  3. In house Design Studio manned by Qualified Designers.


What Fabric do we work with?  See comparison between Bamboo fabric and Cotton
Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Soya, Jute, Modal.       

What certification do we provide?  Know more about GOTS at http://www.global-standard.org
All organic cotton is Certified by GOTS including the dyeing process

What services to you offer?
We offer all OEM services and solutions ranging from sampling, wholesale productions. Custom developments, Eco printing, embroidery, private labeling, custom packing etc.

What is our policy on designs and buyer secrecy?
Designs are custom made and are not reused or remodeled. If required NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is signed to maintain confidentiality of customers. We adhere to a strict business ethical code of conduct